As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

This little volume (the result of meditation and experience) is not intended as an exhaustive treatise on the much-written upon subject of the power of thought. It is suggestive rather than explanatory, its object being to stimulate men and women to the discovery and perception of the truth that -

"They themselves are makers of themselves" by virtue of the thoughts which they choose and encourage; that mind is the master weaver, both of the inner garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance, and that, as they may have hitherto woven in ignorance and pain they may now weave in enlightenment and happiness.

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen was published in 1902 and is now in the public domain.

James Allen was born in Leicester, England in 1864. When he was just 15 his father was robbed and murdered, he left school to work full-time to help support the family. In 1902 At the age of 38 he left his job to devote himself to writing and moved with his wife and daughter to a small cottage at Ilfracombe, Devon, England. He wrote more than 20 books and published a magazine, "The Light of Reason".

As A Man Thinketh has influenced many contemporary writers including Norman Vincent Peale, Earl Nightingale, Denis Waitley and Tony Robbins, among others. His “little volume”, as he called it, has been translated into five major languages, inspiring millions of readers to recognize that man’s visions can become reality, simply through the power of thought.





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